Kitakyushu’s Traditions and Culture

Have you ever heard of the traditions and culture in Kitakyushu, Japan? Seeing living together with the Japanese makes you feel how welcome you are. However, you ought to follow their culture and tradition that is passed down from generations.

For example, grandfathers and grandmothers are highly respectable that people have to bow down to them like a God when meeting. Another thing is that they do not bring in dirt in the house by using slippers inside. This us a bad luck for them. No one also hands money during the night because this is a sign of bad luck. They also say that too much noise during gatherings on the table is an etiquette.This must be observed so that there will be no mess in the house. The eldest son should eat first and be the one to touch first the dishes on the table. This is their etiquette. Ettiquette in using chopsticks should be observed properly. Women in Japan should act as women.

Beautiful women are those whose teeth are fanged. Women undergo many operation just to get a fanged teeth. This must be a unique beauty for all of them. There are so many things to be careful about when meeting and greeting someone. It is an outrageous act when you do not bow while saying goodbye. People has to make sure that they say hi and goodbye with a respect gesture by bowing down. When you speak to strangers, you must be friendly and you must be speaking politely and not arrogantly.