See the Historic Beauty of Kitakyushu

While traveling around the world, you might want to visit Kitakyushu, Japan. So many amazing things that you can see in Kitakyushu after the passing of ages and time. Of course, you have to go around the city in order to see the real beauty of the city. Here are some of the beautiful attractions found in the city.

Wisteria Flower Garden in Kawachi, Kitakyushu. This is the most wonderful garden in in the whole world. It is a grand park surrounded by Wisteria and is really so amazing. Its beauty will leave you speechless and breathless.

Kokura Castle is one of the most perfect Japanese architecture built for a historic museum of culture and civilization. One thing that is so amazing here is that it stands firm and is like a superior one who is serious and protecting something. It seems that there is a spirit of these museum that could not be expressed.

Granary Area of Kitakyushu is really fantastic for its vast area and acres of land. Visitors are very amazed by its location and its landscape. Those who visit there could not help but to feel so proud and happy for reaching the place.

Shiranoe Botanical Garden is another beauty that is worthy to be proud of. It is one of the most famous botanical garden in Japan. It must be a very good place to visit during summer.

Mount Sarakura is the most beautiful mountain in Kitakyushi visited by so many hikers and travelers due to its cool and refreshing air.